Peanut butter bowl

I was making Peanut Butter Cookies – the good ones (peanut butter, sugar and an egg).

When I was done, I put the bowl on the floor for the pre-rinse cycle a.k.a. Tiger-dog.  And, moved on to the forming, squishing with a fork, dusting with sugar and baking.

After all the cookies were done and cooling, I went in search of the stuff for cleaning.

And, I eventually found the bowl.

Tiger-dog had carefully licked it to a sparkling clean state, added her single-most-favorite bone and nose-nudged the assembly out of sight.  Her hidey-hole.  Her secret stash.

Favorite things…

I swapped it for a cookie.

She was delighted.

I left the bone.


One Response to “Peanut butter bowl”

  1. kirbysdawgblog Says:

    haha oh no!lol,so thats where the cookies went! Nice to meet you tiger-dog 🙂

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