Dead Mouse Tally

We are having a seasonal problem with mice – they are trying to get into the house to enjoy a heated winter, and we are trying to keep them out.

I thought I’d give you a tally on the mounting body count:

Store Bought Mouse Death Traps = 0

Pool in back yard = 2

Driveway self-leveling Sealer = 1

There’s a clear and unexpected winner in that list.  While I’m not suggesting that everyone with mouse problems put in a pool, you may want to look at driveway sealer as it’s out performing the store-bought stuff.

As for a dog-type deterrent you will notice it is missing off the list.  There’s a reason – ours only works when the sun is shining, the temperatures are above 70f , and if it ‘feels’ like working (much like me, so there’s no criticism there, really).


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