Coffee Run

I was doing the coffee run this morning – very unusual as I’m a sleeper-in-er.

I was stopped at a red light, waiting to turn left, so I had lots of time to ‘observe’.

The racket was the first thing I noticed, then the ‘trashed by a hectic life’ mini-van was second.  Clearly, it had experienced a lot of living in its 15 so years; body panels were pock-marked, paint was creatively applied and unapplied, molding was missing, you get the picture.  The outside looked like the engine sounded, which is why I heard it arriving before it actually did.

It pulled into the intersection, preparing to make a left, so I had a fabulously clear view of the driver.

Wanna guess?

Here’s a hint – I promptly looked around for a camera crew.

There wasn’t one that I could see.  It had to be real-life, yet it didn’t seem possible…

30-ish Woman,

Pj’s with splashes of vibrant colors,

Hair snagged in curlers or clips, it was hard to tell, just know they were crazy on her head,

And, yea ol’ cigarette smoking up a cloud,

It dangled out of her mouth as she completed the left turn.

I held my breath, I was in the midst of a once in a lifetime experience.

I was in the presence of an uber rare mythical urban stereo-type and it was real!


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