Duped again

I’m a touch easy, clearly.

Tiger-dog’s been limping, so we made a Dog-Doctor appointment.

Car-man lifted her into the car for me and off we went.

At the Dog-Doctor’s I lowered her down and set her on those 3 good legs, arranging them so they would hold her up (she falls over if I get it wrong).  Tiger-dog patiently waits while I get this just right.

Hop, hop, hop to the little hedge that surrounds the office.  It’s a favorite spot for every dog and I try to get there 15 minutes early so Tiger-dog can have a relaxing sniff, as she absently meanders towards the door.

It usually works.  But, not today.  She’d been plotting in the car ride over.

Tiger-dog waited until I was bored and looking else where, then ploughed through the hedge to the other side.

I call her back.

She laughs at me, tosses her head with triumph and starts weaving the leash through the hedge.  Hop, hop, hop.

She is so bad.

I end up carrying in our 50 pound dog.  My punishment isn’t done; none of the legs work now, the 3 good ones have suddenly developed extreme limpness and will not hold her up.

I drape her on my lap, instead.  Then carry her into the exam room, drape her again.  She flops like wet paper.  I have to lift her onto the exam table when the Doctor arrives in.

Oh, she can stand (it’s a boy-Doctor and Tiger-dog loves boys).

He examines her carefully.  “Everything looks good to me, the joint is where it should be and moving like it should be.”

I grind my teeth and say nothing.

“I’ll give you some medication for an anti inflamatory.  I suspect it’s arthritis, and that should reduce the pain.  She’ll be walking on it in 3 days, if not, call.”  He assured me as he lifted her off the table and set her down on the tile floor.

She had no trouble standing.

She walked out, all four on the floor.

I paid the bill and pocketed the pills.

We walked out.

The closer we got to the car, the lamer she became…

I had to lift her in.

I think I heard her snicker.


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