Mystery music

I went out this morning and left Tiger-dog alone in the house.

Normally, she sleeps through these brief periods.  And, true to that expectation she was asleep on her kitchen pillow when I returned.

So, how then, did the music get turned on?

Did a bad-person break in, turn on the music, and touch nothing else?  Doubtful.

Did I accidentally turn it on in my haste to get to my meeting, despite never entering that room?  Doubtful.

Did Car-man turn it on, from his Conference?  Doubtful.

Yet, Tiger-dog was sleeping – innocently snoring the morning away.


Counter surfing.  That’s my guess.

For all those ‘my-dog-is-perfect-people’ counter surfing is when the dog doesn’t trust your judgement and fends for itself.  You know, two front legs on the counter, nose to the forbidden stuff, one nail accidentally depressing the ‘on’ button of the remote control.

All I know is, the music wasn’t on when I left, yet when I returned, it was BLASTING Flo Rida loud enough for Banana-man to hear (which is structure crumbling volume).




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