Finally, the dog is asleep

No, not our dog.

The neighbors dog.

Her name is Bruce.  Yes, HER name – unexpected stuff happens when you let children make decisions 😉   We like our neighbors, we think they are pretty awesome and doing a fabulous job raising their family.  We also like that their dogs make noise and alert us to activity around the house, you know, the stuff dog’s should make us aware of (Tiger-dog, are you paying attention?)

So, a barking dog keeping us up all night is a new thing. How’d it happen?

That vagrant cat.  That’s how it happened.

The cat is taking territory from another vagrant cat, so the two are squabbling about it (have been for days).

Last night seemed to be the big show-down and ‘yeah’ it happened in our yard (Tiger-dog, are you paying attention? That’s your yard not theirs.)

One of the cats would yowl, Bruce would bark. They’d move along the fence line, yowl, Bruce would bark again.  They’d hiss at each other, Bruce would bark.  On and on, all night until the sun was up.  And, Tiger-dog?  Snoozing through it all.

Bruce is finally asleep, all tuckered out from a night of working hard to protect the homestead.

Tiger-dog is all perky and awake, waiting patiently under the kitchen table for Banana-man to arrive.  She’ll start barking when she hears his feet hit the tile floor.  The cats?  They are Bruce’s problem.


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