I’m not so flexible anymore

Neither my mind, nor my body.

How do I know this?  Santa brought me a new laptop – which is also why I’ve been absent for a while.

It was not a frivolous gift, the old one was patched, bandaged, and plugged into all sorts of devices to keep it running.  It was no longer a laptop, nor portable.  It was however, something I understood and could use without any problems.

Now, I have a shiny, sparkling, fast as fury laptop with Windows 8.

It’s too fast for me.

It’s too confusing for me.

It’s too busy for me.

The Start screen has tiles all over it, like an Apple wanna-be, and they move, update, scroll and otherwise constantly jiggle about.   I’ve now learned to turn them off, and have removed them from the Start screen.

Putting stuff on the Start screen that I want has proved to be less than easy, although it’s a simple mouse click – supposedly.  All those things that I successfully ‘pinned’ are frozen in time.  They pop up fast, but with the content from the day I linked it to the Start screen – to get the fresh stuff I have to re-click of the primary site and wait for it to load.  So, where is the ease of use?  As far as I can see, Windows 8 has added a step.

And that fast part?  I think it’s just a ruse.  Sure, you push the Power button and the screen pops up, but try to do anything from the Start screen and then you wait.

However, this new laptop is working, it is portable and it is …, it is …, it is SHINY!

Maybe my problem with it is the mirror effect; it has successfully shown me that my brain is no longer as nimble as it once was and I am resentful.

Resentful and, paranoid.

That probably bothers me the most, my controls have disappeared.  I now have to rely on Windows 8 to be my guard and protector, and I only trust them to monitor, collect and sell my likes, location, age, gender, interests and searches to Ad Agencies…



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