Like a Girl Scout

All prepared, but not.

If only the Girl Scout could get the Boy Scout prepared…

Banana-man has a cold, a nasty, throat splitting, painful, keep-him-up-all-night one.  So off to WalMart we went.

“I need some penicillin.”  Banana-man croaked painfully, “It’s the only thing that will work.”

“That’s really old-school, they don’t prescribe that anymore because the bugs are mostly resistant now-a-days.”  I reply, again.  He’s been fixated on this since breakfast.  It’s been his go to statement when the conversation lapses.

We get to the Pharmacy, we get to speak with a bonafide, degreed, graduated Pharmacist.  This is critical as Banana-man in his advanced age also comes with advanced quantities of drugs and interactions are dangerous.

I spend a few minutes prepping the Pharmacist, “He has blood thinners, diabetes meds, …” after a long list I take a breath and continue, “… allergies to basic pill compounds, specifically…” Eventually, I run out of warnings.

The Pharmacist asks, “Do you have a list of the actual names of the drugs?  That’d be helpful.”

“Dad?”  I translate at the required higher volume, “Do you know the names of the pills you take?”

“No.  I just need some penicillin.”

We arrive home with a meager selection of the most innocuous drugs Walmart carries.  Personally, I’m happy that there was something that the Pharmacist wasn’t afraid of recommending.  I’m suspicious it’s just a sugar-free sugar pill but I don’t say anything to Banana-man.

30 minutes later, “I’m feeling better.  My throat’s not so sore.”


Big-Sis, a.k.a. the Girl Scout calls and I fill her in on the details.  She listens patiently as I ramble, when I’m done she asks, “Didn’t he just hand over the list?”

“Huh?  What list?  He didn’t say anything.”

Oh, that Banana-man!  Big-Sis has stuffed his pockets, wallet and short of tattooing it on his arm, has otherwise prepared him for producing a list of all his drugs, on the spot, on demand.

All I got was…  “penicillin, I just want penicillin…”   I wonder sometimes how he made it through life.


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