Reading Choices

Banana-man is here for a few weeks.

Banana-man is an avid WWII reader.  He is always checking out book stores, tourist haunts and any other opportunity to hunt down printed matter from his beloved era.  This is something you would anticipate.

I like to read fiction.  He doesn’t ‘get it’, must be that British upbringing.

Yesterday I put my book down and tended to Tiger-dog.  In the few minutes that I was gone, Banana-man scooped up my book and started to read it.

“Hey, this book of yours,” He started as I walked back into the room and spotted the book-thievery, “I haven’t read some of this before.”

“No?”  I replied, amused.

“No.”  He shook his head.  “This report, here, about the survivors on the ship fighting for supplies.  That probably did happen, but dumping the sick overboard?  I know they dumped the dead overboard, but the sick?”  He quizzed me.  “And, this report, talks about a weapon I’ve never heard about before, part spear, part shovel with sharpened blades.  Was that American?”

“I think pretty much every country came up with something similar.”  I answered, and then decided it was mean to let him think it was a ‘real’ book; even though he was a book thief.  “Did you read the title?”

Banana-man flipped the book back to the cover, “World War Z, an oral history…”

I waited for that to sink in.

After a few moments, it did.  “Z?  What does the Z stand for?”  He asked me.


“Oh.”  Again, another long pause while he sorted that response out, with the final, anticipated, question, “what’s a Zombie?”

And that lead to a discussion of Zombies.

Honestly, Banana-man can be quite a surprise at times.


The title of the book is “World War Z, an oral history of the Zombie War”, by Max Brooks.  It’s a collection of short accounts from various ‘survivors’.


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