Fright Night

Yup.  Scared the blank out of me; dangerous too.

Tiger-dog needed to go ‘out’.

So, the obliging humans that we are, we both got out of bed and escorted her to the garage door.

OK, really dashed, because she was in a bit of a panic to get out.

Car-man pushed the button to open the garage door, and fortunately held Tiger-dog back as the door started to open.

About hip-height it went BANG! louder than a gun shot, and slammed back down.

If Tiger-dog had been dashing to the grass she would have been crushed by the garage door (It’s insulated, hurricane reinforced, and VERY heavy).

The noise made her bolt back into the house.  I got her out the other door before we had any ‘accidents’, then went back to the garage.

Car-man was inspecting the entire garage-door opening apparatus, “It’s the spring, it broke.”  He pointed to just above the door, twin springs help store the energy of the door as it goes up, they release it slowly as the door goes down.

One of them was neatly snapped in two pieces, instantly redesigning our garage door into a guillotine.

“Wow” I awed.  That spring is as thick as my little finger, it’s not something that should have ever broken.

My job today is to get it fixed, as soon as possible.



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