I’m not a good stripper

“Your front door’s looking a little tired…”

Yeah?  Thanks.  Now I’m 5 days into stripping the gazillion layers off the door.

The door’s been up since the beginning of the ’80’s and has never been stripped, rather it’s just been varnished, varnished and varnished again.

I’ve stripped before; my kitchen table.  It took 1/4 of a can of stripper and maybe 30 minutes.  DONE.  The whole refinish of that kitchen table took 2 nights because I sanded between each polyurethane layer.  Yes, the table looked perfect when I was done.

So, I thought (ha, ha) it’s just a door, I’ll buy a WHOLE can and give myself 1/2 day, I should be done by Sunday.

Nope, still at it.

Hopefully, another 1/2 day tomorrow and all the old varnish will be off the doors.  Did I mention there are 2?

Then it’s sanding, a lot.

Then, erecting a paint booth because it’s pollen season and everything has a fine dusting of yellow ‘dust’.  If I don’t want that ‘dust’ varnished into the door for the next 30 years, I have to cover it before I start.

Maybe, just maybe, I will be done as the Easter Bunny hops across the lawn and waves.  But I don’t think so, it’ll be more like another full week.

Oh, yeah!




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