Still Stripping

Well, just down to the area covered by the weather-stripping.

I had to sort out a way of doing that while keeping the bugs out and the dog in.  Normally, you’d just take the doors down, work on them in a horizontal position and then rehang when they are all done.  Practically, that isn’t possible, so I am doing the work with them hanging.

So, how to keep the bugs out?  Build a

Hardware store, $30, done. (OK, I had to dismantle the light fixture, but that was free).

Now, I can open both doors and get that last little 1/2 all around the edges.

Then, sand, clean, and varnish over it.

I bought the Varnish, it is a marine varnish $45 for a quart – it had BETTER be good.

Here’s hoping I can get a coat on by Saturday.


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