Back Pain

I’m on day 3 of pain medication – Thank you Tiger-dog.

Yes, it was her, and her alone.  And, I was sleeping.

BAM!  She slammed into the small of my back, 60 pounds of cold dog just trying to get warm.

My back muscles instantly cramped in protest and sent radiating bolts of pain that seared for hours.  She does this to Car-man every night, he never complains (how can he not?).

That was the first time she’d pile-driven me.  I popped two aspirins and tried to get back to sleep.

Yesterday I pushed a shopping cart – stupid me.  I’m pretty sure that aggravated the injury.  Pills again.

I’m hoping today is a pill-free, pain-free day.

Tiger-dog cares, she’s snoozing with her head on my lap, her way of saying sorry,  again.


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