Squirrel Attack


We have a Robin family nesting in the tree just outside our back door.

It has been a very interesting distraction as we have watched the nest-building (very meticulous, not every building material delivered gets used), the arrival of the 4 eggs (the ever-present adult Robin in the nest), and now, most exciting of all, the little hungry peeps!

Mom and Dad Robin are crazy busy with stuffing those tiny bellies, so when I’m out in yard I try to announce my arrival.  That way they aren’t alarmed and I don’t get dive bombed.  So far, it’s worked very well.  They look at me, check me out and then ignore me.

Yesterday, I was out with Tiger-dog and heard a nasty ruckus.  I spun around and there was a Squirrel halfway up the nest tree.  One Robin was attacking, the second Robin arrived and joined in as I watched.

The Squirrel was annoyed but insisted in heading to the nest. ‘Not in my back yard!‘  I thought.  I shouted, clapped my hands and ran the few feet to the tree.  That was enough; the Squirrel spun around and headed for safety.

Me, and the Robins gave chase all the way to the fence.  I stopped there, but the Robins didn’t until that Squirrel was well into the neighbors trees.

Nasty Squirrel.



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