15 days in

We are both 3 weeks into the Beat Diabetes Diet.  So far, no hunger, or cravings (Car-man has cravings, I don’t).  I’m also getting used to the ‘always full’ feeling.

Good news – I have not gained weight (my prediction at the beginning of this diet change), Car-man has lost weight and I’m jealous.

More Good news – our blood pressure numbers are dropping (neither of us were in the high zone) and I expect them to be firmly in the Normal range by week 4.

More – The weather related aches and pains in my hips and knees has disappeared (poof! gone, like magic).

And – My mood is definitely happier; I’ve been caught humming happy tunes.

Last – I enjoy cycling!  Who’d have thought?  We’ve discovered a bike trail just a 5 minute cycle from the house and we’ve been using it a lot.  Honestly, it’s been there for years, but it’s new for us.

Now, for the Cons:

It certainly takes more preparation time to get meals to the table.

Fitting in all the ‘required’ foods takes planning, so there is time spent doing that.

We are no longer financially supporting our regular Grocery store; we’ve switched to a smaller chain that stocks fresh fruits and veggies.  Our weekly grocery bill averaged$160 (including restaurant fare), now it hovers around $70 (including a bottle of wine).  However, this does NOT include Tiger-dog’s food; we’re keeping her on a carnivore’s diet augmented with tidbits from our diet (she loves humus and chowing down on an apple wedge).

Week 4 is coming and the Doctor’s check-in will tell us if this diet has made a positive difference – I don’t see how it couldn’t have made a difference, but the data will be a measurable confirmation.

‘Till then we’ll continue to stuff our bellies with 5 veg servings, 4 fruit servings, 3 dairy, 3 grain, 1 meat, 4 oz of beans, 2 oz of nuts, a glass of red wine and the occasional treat.  I’m full just looking at that list…


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