Washing Machine


I ‘babysit’ my washing machine on laundry days.

When we moved into the Condo, it had an existing washer and dryer combo.  Not one I liked, this was a top loader; the old style that pulls my clothes out of shape, abrades them so much they look old, and uses LOTS of water.  It leaks too.

No, I like the front loaders.  They gently tumble the clothes; it’s like having everything hand-washed.

“What about the mold?”  You might ask; front loaders are notorious for mold.

“Mold is in top loaders too.”  I would reply.  Just run a paper towel around the edge where the top meets the drum – slimy black crap will stick.

I also suggest that the mold issue is a marketing ploy since BOTH styles grow mold.  Yet, I only ever hear about it in relation to the front loaders.  Just leave the door open – problem solved.

I’m grumpy because I’ve just had to stop the wash cycle, AGAIN, untwist the contents, re-balance the load and start it back up.

None of my sheets are square anymore, the blankets are all crazy shapes, and my clothes have those little ‘pills’ all over them.



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