Yesterday I was in the gym doing my 30 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike, staring through the floor to ceiling windows and beyond the pool.   It is such a pretty view; across the water and down into the valley.

The static scene was brought to life with the arrival of several swallows; perhaps two or more families suddenly swirled above the pool.

The adult swallows dipped down and gracefully skimmed the surface of the pool, low to the water, leaving a clean-cut wake behind them.

The younger swallows tried to follow the example; splashes of water, little spurts, and panicked flapping ensued for several minutes as they all tried, in turn.  Happily, none of the little ones actually remained in the water, even though several had tried to land in it and aborted as they sank.  The pool fence became their resting spot, in the shade of the trees.

If there was too long of a pause between attempts, the Adults would demonstrate again.

Within 20 minutes, they had all practiced the ‘skim and sip’; clean-cut wakes and wobbly wakes, with extra wing touches and an occasional tail splash, then they were gone.



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