Diet Results Are In


“We could probably take you off medication soon…”  The Doctor said, “…if your numbers stay like this.”

Woo Hoo!!!  Thank you Diabetes Rescue Diet!!

That result in 26 days!

We are sticking to this diet plan for a bit longer, as we want those numbers to remain down and remain stable.  It’s a great confirmation after all the effort put in to staying the course.

As for weight-loss, none from me, but Car-man is down 6 pounds.

However, we’re both looking very healthy!  No grey pallor on the toes, feet look pink and happy.  Eye bags are gone from both of us and we look younger.  No more splotches of redness, or dark coloration.  No intense moods, just overall happiness.  It’s really an eye-opening experience because I never realized how much diet effected mood; I’d read it, but it’s different experiencing it.

The Doctor was, as expected, curious as to why the blood numbers looked so different in such a short time, so Car-man told her…



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