No Hands? No Problem.

Tiger-dog doesn’t let much stand in the way of her and food.

OK, nothing that I’ve ever known can dissuade her from food.

She’s so hard-wired that we can hold food near her nose while she’s sleeping and she will try to eat before she’s fully awake.

When she dreams, we sometimes hear her chowing down on something tasty; lip-smackin’ good imaginary air stuff.

So, it will come as no surprise that tonight she fed her dinner to herself.  Yep, crafty girl!

The dinner was leftovers so we only had to microwave our choices, the table was set and ready.  I was thoughtful enough to do Tiger-dog’s bowl first so it could cool down as we nuked our plates.  I set her bowl on the table and went back to nuke mine.

Scrabble, scrabble, toenails on the table!

I turn to the noise just in time to see Tiger-dog hook her front fang on her food bowl and slide it off the table.

“Did you just see that?!!”

Car-man looked over and said “what?”

“Tiger-dog just served herself.”  I replied, awed that she could stand on her wobbly back legs when she can’t even get up a stair tread on her own.

The downside is that she’s now begging at the table when we sit down to eat…


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