Bicycle Troubles

We cycle most every day.

It started as a 30 minute exercise and we’ve trimmed it down to 20 minutes.

We’re past 60 days, so it’s not a new experience.  Yep, we’re used to the bikes now and nothing much fazes us; hills? meh, nasty bumps? pfut, pine cones? bah!

But what about caffeine?  OK, that’s critical.


This morning we cycled before I’d had my tea – we were trying to be done before Tiger-dog got up.

I fell off my bike and scraped my shin.  The bike was still in the garage, and still on the kick-stand.

I hit a fence.   It was my fence.  It is about 20 feet from the garage.

Yep, caffeine is critical!

I survived the trip – just.


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