Figs Are Here!

How do I know?

I watch the birdbath.

It’s crazy busy with birds; they fight for space in the mornings and bathe together in the evening.  Their tummies are too full for them to want to fight.

I picked two figs this morning, before the birds got up, that’s the only way I got them.

Over the next 10 days, the fig tree will be the busiest place in the neighborhood – birds, squirrels, possums, rats and mice will all be hanging around.

I’m OK with the birds, squirrels, and the possums, but the rats and mice are a concern.

Mind you, if the house was not clad in cement, I’d be worried about the squirrels too, but it’s not so I’m not.

The garage however, is another story.  We already have passive and non-lethal rat and mouse deterrents installed, but had to up the lethal-level recently (due to confirmed mouse activity in the garage).  Hopefully, they were only here waiting on the fig tree to fruit.

Yesterday, I was trimming some of the dead shrubbery out of the garden and disturbed a snoozing possum.  I relocated so it could go back to sleep.  I hope it stays long enough to run off the rats and mice (possums will eat them if they can).

I’m looking forward to two more sweet figs tomorrow – it’s like having a candy tree out in the backyard.


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