Wet Knot Day

Light colors.You all may know it as Laundry Day.

In my special place in the world, with its own physical laws, it is Wet Knot Day.

That fun day when I open the washer lid and get to pull apart the wet soppy knot that it has just spend 40 minutes tying.

It is a very, very heavy knot (with all that water bundled tightly).

It stretches my things into interesting shapes, and sets all those wrinkles deeply.  (Did you know that your washer sets the wrinkles, not the dryer?  I didn’t, I had to research that little bit of trivia.)

Yes, it’s always a fun day here.

Car-man makes sure he’s busy with meetings – all day long.  Hmm.washer2

Tiger-dog sleeps in the closet – all day long.  Hmm.

The Washer ties my clothing into neat little bundles – all day long.  Grr.


2 Responses to “Wet Knot Day”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s so strange that your washer does that. I have the terrible top-loader at home, but I don’t think my sheets have ever come out like that….

    • hubbaloo Says:

      I suspect it’s the weird ‘dance’ style of the agitator. This premium brand top loader does not have a tall center agitator, rather a little nub at the bottom (you can see the center ‘post’ is missing). The drum moves left/right, while the little nub moves up/down, recreating a gentle ‘hand wash’ agitation for clean and happy clothes – so the advertising suggests. Sorry that you also struggle with a top loader, but I’m happy that yours isn’t bundling your loads for you 😉

      Thank you for reading, and commenting.

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