We’ve had RAIN!!  Lots of it, 2 days worth!!

However, the lake across the way is still 2/3’s empty (or 1/3 full depending on how you look at things).

The plants, shrubs and trees are all looking perky and happy – they really do stand taller.

Sadly, and this is a personal gripe, the figs are swollen with the rain which makes them too diluted to taste like little balls of sunshine.  I tried slicing them up and gently roasting them in the oven – yuk.

Even the birds aren’t so excited with them; the bird feeder is vacant during the day and it should be rockin’ with activity.

Looks like I only had 6 decent fig this year, sigh.

Add to that the disappointment of the Lemon tree (all the fruit dropped).

And, the Garlic that the Lawn-boys thought needed spraying with herbicide (thanks a lot).

No Okra, no sunflowers, no tomatoes.

If only we’d had this rain earlier in the spring…


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