Not Another One

I am so reluctant.

And, a bit embarrassed.

Perhaps, I just won’t.

No.  I’ve decided.  I won’t.

“Won’t what?”

Won’t add instruction #7 to my Starbucks drink.

I learned today that if the Barista does not aerate the milk before steaming it, the milk will taste ‘flat’.

In my quest to ensure a reasonably consistent drink, my order has become so lengthy with instructions that I have become the person the Sit-Coms mock.

It’s embarrassing.  I don’t want to be that person.

So, no.  I refuse to add “aerate the milk before steaming, please” instruction.

But, dang, that Barista made a fantastic Chai.

Really, one of the best this year, perhaps, even the BEST this year – I’ll know by December 31st.

It was so rich, creamy, and heavenly…


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