I broke Car-man

Well, not exactly BROKE; more like bumped and bruised.

We were cycling, down the big scary hill with the twist and sharp turn at the bottom.

I always go slow, with both brakes on.  Car-man, being confident, just zooms down like it’s a straight shot ski jump (I think he’s at 100 mph by the time he hits the bottom just before the turn). 

Yesterday, I was in front, had reached the bottom and was in the process of making that super sharp turn, when Car-man, at his usual super speed entered the turn at the same time and faced a decision; crush me, or crush the earth.

He picked the Earth and it wobbled a bit in its orbit when he hit – I’m sure you all noticed it.

“You OK?” I cried out.

“Yeah, just a bit of grass and dirt.”  He said as he got up, walked over to the bike and straightened it up.  “Keep going!”  He ordered, swung back on and started pedaling. 

We were home 10 minutes later.

I said, “We’d better take care of your foot right away, it’s dripping blood still.”

Car-man looked down, “my foot?”

“How could you not notice?”  I asked.  A paper cut stops me in my tracks, and here’s Car-man with blood gushing out of his shoe at every step, unable to lift his arm and grimacing with every breath – unconcerned. 

He shook his head, “I don’t know.”  Then he fessed up about the achy ribs (bruised but not cracked) and the sore shoulder (twisted).

Now, he’s all bandaged up, trussed up and drugged up, and a bit annoyed over the fuss I made.

However, he has won bragging rights, my awe, respect and another nickname – Earth-crusher 😉


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