I came home after being away for a while and found changes.

Tiger-dog is now ‘hiding’ her bones all around the house; they used to be confined to her bed (her rule, not mine). I now have a bone under the dining room table, in the master bathroom, one secreted in the middle of the living room, another by the washing machine, and I know I will find more (6 more, to be precise).

These are good clues; she is being helpful.

As a human, I hide things based on sight (out of sight essentially). Tiger-dog being Canine-superior, hides things based on smell; either buried in a pile of ‘other’ smells, or isolated from other smells.

Knowing this difference will aid me greatly in house-cleaning. I don’t have to guess where my smelliest spots are; Tiger-dog has dropped a bone showing me where they are.

I thanked Tiger-dog with a treat before I hauled out the vacuum and started in on the mess…



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