I was visiting with my Father when he told me this story.

Now, I should tell you that he is old, and his memories are slowly moving backwards in time; he is currently back in the late 1940’s.  He was conscripted just a few weeks before WWII was declared over so, he was part of the clean-up efforts and did not experience any hostilities.  That made his years of Service enjoyable ones, as everyone was heading ‘home’ and Oversight was minimal.

LancasterWe are sitting around the dinner table when someone asked for ice in their drink and up popped a memory.

He related that ice for drinks was very scarce, pretty much everyone made do without it; except the Pilots.  That particular weekend, he was assigned to an Air Field in the UK.  On Saturday night (the big entertaining night) they loaded up a Lancaster Bomber with water, the Crew took it up to 10,000 feet and flew it around until the water froze solid, then they landed and drank ice-chilled booze until the Sun came up.


Image is from the article


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