Not talking to you!

I took Tiger-dog to the Doggie-Dentist yesterday.

Needless to say, when I arrived back to pick her up, she refused to even look at me.

Yep, she preferred the Vet, or the Technician, or the Clerk who helped pick out the correct ‘special diet’ can for her, but NOT ME.

That was yesterday.

Today, is a new day, and a new reason for ignoring me – new food.

Why?  Because, when the Vet ran Tiger-dog’s blood tests, prior to putting her under for a dental cleaning, it indicated reduced kidney function.

If you recall, she had her blood tested 2 months earlier, and that also showed up.  “Make her eat more carbs.” Was the advice.  Yeah, well we tried.  She refused.  Her Kidney function went from 3.1 to 3.3 (it got worse).

Today, I served her that special canned food for supporting kidney health, carefully stirred up with her fresh roasted chicken.

So, again, day #2, Tiger-dog isn’t talking to me, or looking at me.

Car-man is getting all the snuggles and the ‘why does mommy hate me?’ moans…


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