Barcelona Bathroom

You can’t be American-sized in Barcelona, you wouldn’t fit…

We were staying in the Barri Gotic area (the Old City) and this was our Hotel Bathroom.

Now, it’s an odd thing to photograph, I’ll admit and the image didn’t do the room justice.  So, let me explain a little bit before you see the image.

It’s small.  And, the pic makes it look huge…2012-04-01 19.09.27

We aren’t big people, and it was still small.  I couldn’t turn around without bumping into something.  Two of us could be at the sink, but to switch spots, we had to do the shuffle/spin, and keep the hall door shut.

Using the toilet was a tight fit to avoid rubbing knees on the bidet.  Forget trying to turn around and grabbing the toilet paper roll, you’d bruise elbows, planning in advance became necessary (reach, pull, then sit).

And, that wasn’t the smallest bathroom.  No, that award goes to the divinely delicious Pasteleria on the Gran Via, named Escriba.  Their single bathroom was tucked in under the stairs –  really tucked, and really under the stairs.  I had the impression it was a converted dumbwaiter cavity.  I couldn’t stand straight, but a 6 year old could; I felt as though I’d been magically transported to a child’s dollhouse, with working plumbing.


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