Sue that Shower Designer

Clearly, whomever designed this bathroom was a bather and not a shower-er.

I know this because there is no possible way to avoid spraying the floor, the door, and the hall floor with water as you shower.

Yes, it has a lame glass divider; all 36 inches of uselessness, frosted and tempered.  It keeps the sink dry.

Why sue?  The Hotel was newly renovated and quite likely, most to all bathrooms are very much the same.  Imagine 300 rooms with 300 shower-heads that all spray;

  • the marble floor (very slippery when wet – a fall is sure to happen),
  • the door and door frame (swollen, rotting and delaminating – needs replacing),
  • the hall floor (swollen, buckled, wavy and growing black with mold – needs replacing),
  • no fan to removed any of that moist air, or moldy air (plaster and paint flaking in the very near future – more repairs).

Now imagine the repair cost for just one item on that mini-list and multiply that by 300.  Yikes.

All for the sake of a shower door?  Or, a shower curtain?  Or, just about anything to catch and contain all that flying water.


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