Prepping for Barcelona

First, I googled Barcelona.  Lots and lots of results, too many to sort through.

So, I typed in ‘top sights to see in Barcelona’ and went from there.  It didn’t seem to matter which website I looked at, the top 10 seemed pretty much the same – Gaudi, Picasso and the old Churches.  OK, that’s done.

The Hotel was already set, so a quick google-map to figure out where it was – within walking distance of almost everything, yeah!! – then off into the www for planning.

Pick-pockets!  Rampant.  Hello, and

I skipped the travel purse because I was concerned that I would get dragged down a street by a muscle bound professional bag snatcher – attached by a cut-proof, embedded wire strap, because that kind of thing happens to me.  Instead, I opted for a ‘dummy’ purse that held a map, pen, paper, and a few coins.  I hoped that any thief would take the purse, not me, and ignore the new zillion-hidden-pockets coat.

More googling and suddenly my interest perked right up – Food!

I tossed out the Tourist must-see list and instead made a Foodie must-eat list;

  • Hot Chocolate; thick, dark, not sweet, perfect for dipping a churro, or a croissant into.
  • Cured Meat; Iberian cured anything – it’s all fantastic.
  • Cava; a Sparkling white wine, local to the area.
  • Tapas; of any description.
  • Paella; a lunch time staple, apparently only tourists order it at dinner time – I didn’t really care, I ordered it anyway.
  • Pastries.
  • Chocolates.
  • Terrone.  Entire shops dedicated to just this treat!

I decided to drink my way through Barcelona – Hot Chocolate here I come!!

I bought a map at my local bookstore, cut off all the extra bits, leaving a rough rectangle that included the Barri Gotic, and La Sagrada Familia (my apologies for the missing thingy’s over the vowels, I can’t seem to figure out how to do that).  Just so you know, I opted for the paper map vs the electronic map because I was pretty sure some thief wasn’t going to rip a piece of paper from my hands, an iPhone however, may have been tempting.

For 5 days, I plotted every Hot Chocolate Cafe and Patisserie that was recommended by the Blog-world.  Only, when that was done, did I go back and plot the Tourist spots.


Then I had to wait for that travel day to arrive.


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