Shoes are very important (that’s why I typed it twice).

I was going to be doing a lot of walking in Barcelona so good footwear was a must.  From experience in other European cities, I knew I wanted a cobble-stone conquering sole, and thick was the only way to get that.

My old shoes, that went everywhere, finally split and cracked across the sole.  No way a cobbler could fix that – I’d asked.  So it was ‘a shoppin’ I will go’.

That was last year, and yes, it took me that long to find a replacement pair – 14 months.

I’m fussy.

Foot problems run in my family; well, they don’t run, they saunter in, loll about and before you know it, they’ve moved right in.

“You jest”, you may say, but one look at my Aunts and Uncles, all sitting around with their misshapen feet up on footstools, and a collection of shoes at the front door with chunks cut out to make room for bunions, will assure you that I don’t ‘jest’.

Now, every foot is different, what works on one foot doesn’t necessarily work on the other (sigh).  I did finally manage to find a pair that would work (Clarks).  I was very happy with them.

“Those look hideous.”  My sister said.

I smiled, they’d passed muster…

I was still smiling after 4 days of walking throughout Barcelona.

Yes, shoes are important, be careful what you choose.


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