Made the Milestone

Banana-man made the full bike trail yesterday – we reached the end, where the turn-around is, a full 1.75 miles!DadEndofTrail

We stopped to rest.

And, have a little snack.  Actually, I pack a small picnic, just to keep his blood sugar up.  At this point he has been pedaling for a full 30 minutes, which is plenty long enough for a little snack.  It’s a drink of the only liquid he allows down his throat – coke, plus a tiny mandarin orange, the easy peel ones, and followed by a fig newton, for the fiber and the carbs.

This takes 20 minutes.

As we were sitting on the little bench at the end of the trail, we watched a young man leap the concrete fence of the townhouses on the other side of the creek.  At the top, he glanced nervously around, then swung his legs over so he could drop into the back yards and disappear from view.

Yeah?  Nope, not going to let that happen. “HEY!”  I shouted loudly.

He looked up where the echo bounced from, then turned around and looked our way.  I waved, so he could find us and asked, “DO YOU NEED ANY HELP?”

I was pretty sure he didn’t want help, it was just my way of saying in a non-threatening way – we’re watching you…

Pause, then ‘Uh, no, I’m OK.”

So we looked away, and a moment later he jumped back to the street side of the concrete wall, and walked rapidly out of view.

We sat for another 10 minutes or so, munching on our remaining snacks.  No sounds of breaking glass, or house alarms, or sirens, so we decided it was OK to head back home.

Banana-man made the entire return trip at one go, so that’s another 30 minute cycle 😉  He loves his bike!


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