House Guest

It’s been cold, so I’ve been feeding the birds in the yard with little hand-fulls of seed.

We’ve agreed that’s the best course of action; I put down 3-4 hand-fulls around the yard, and they agree to eat all of it and not scatter the seeds they don’t want.  My yard stays tidy, their tummy stays full, it’s a win-win.

Yesterday, I noticed a Dove that wasn’t moving as I put the seed down, it just watched.

So, I watched it throughout the day yesterday.  It’s struggling.  Something attacked it; it managed to survive, and it is now ‘recovering’ in my yard.

I put a pile of seed right by it’s head.

I put a bowl of water right by it’s head.

The Dove ate and drank, then huddled against the water bowl.

Tiger-dog has been ignoring it all day, until it moved to get out of her way.

She put her nose to the Dove, it moved again (Tiger-dog’s nose is as big as the Dove).  She didn’t like that it didn’t stay put during her preliminary sniff.  ‘Woof.’

The Dove panicked and backed up as best as it could, I reached down and restrained Tiger-dog just as she stretched the inch or so the Dove had managed to move.  “No,” then, “Leave it!”

Frustrated, Tiger-dog let out a big ‘WOOF!”

The Dove fluffed all of its feathers and brought up its one working wing, trying desperately to look big and dangerous.

I dragged Tiger-dog away and pushed her back into the house.

Every 10 minutes, she walked to the back door and Woofed to go outside.

Nope, not going to happen.  I let Tiger-dog outside the garage side to do her ‘business’.

At dusk, I rummaged through the recycling and pulled out a sturdy box, lined it with a terry towel dish cloth, and gently tucked the Dove inside.  It stayed warm in the house as the night fell to just above freezing.

It will be our nightly house guest for as long as it is willing to get into the box.

And, as any decent Bed and Breakfast will do; the Dove will be returned gently outside each morning and provided with fresh water and food.


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