Happy Maker

Banana-man has a bike – DadEndofTrail He goes to bed at night dreaming of the next day’s ride. He wakes up each morning and asks ‘are we going for a ride today?’

On nice days, he will go twice, on poor days, he will go once.

If I would let him, he’d go three times, with the first trip to the McDonald’s drive-thru for his coffee, but I won’t (because the cars wouldn’t see him and he’d get squished).

If WalMart let him, he’d cycle around their store every day, popping DVD’s into its basket along with a can of chili, a bag of chips and a coke, ‘to keep up my energy.’

Yes, he is tickled with his shiny red bike.

SchwinRedBikeComputerAnd, surprise!  It now has a trip computer, large print.

Car-man installed it last night.  “Do you think he will like it?”  He asked, as he set the display to read the speed, distance, and time.

“Yes, Car-man, I think he will like it a lot.”  I replied.

As we went on the last bike ride of the day, we both heard Banana-man calling out his speed as he cycled to the bike path, “3!  3.5! 3.2!…”

Car-man is a Happy-maker 😉


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