Going Green

We’re not, the Jeep is.  We’re already sort-of green.

Car-man’s been working hard on getting the shell of the Jeep ready for paint, and this weekend it finally happened!  It’s looking amazing!

I should mention that it’s only the inside of the doors, that skinny edge that you can’t see when the door is shut, but none the less, it’s now a shiny new color!

My contribution to the effort was moral support, and a little hose wrangling, just to keep the hose from rubbing on the freshly laid paint.

The next step is to wait 5 weeks for the paint to harden, then a full sanding, the doors go back on, and Car-man paints the next ‘hard to reach’ section.    Another 5 weeks, more sanding, and the body will get painted :).

It seems like a long process…


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