I was at the Doctors for a normal physical.  She said, ‘hmm, we haven’t done a full blood work up in a while.  Why don’t we do that now?  And, it’ll be a fasting one, so no food after midnight.’

Great.  I collected the paperwork, went back home and asked Car-man if he could go with me to the Lab the next morning.  I got an instant, ‘yup!’

At 7:30 a.m. the next morning, we’re both sitting in the lab waiting room.  “You’ll be OK.” Car-man says, “Don’t worry.”


My turn.  The Lab Tech looks at the blood order and starts pulling tubes out of boxes, she stops at 9.  I look at the tray full of tubes and tell her that I’ll need to lay down, or I’ll just end up on the floor.

We move to the bed-room, and She says, “I just need to get a few things.  I’ll be back in a minute.  You just lay down and try to relax.”

A few moments later she returns with Car-man, an ice-pack and smelling salts.

I needed all 3.

By vial 5, I was feeling very fuzzy around the edges and my sight was dimming.  I needed the smelling salts.

By the time the Lab Tech was finished, the smelling salts no longer worked, I was woozy, I had the ice-pack, and she looked worried.

Car-man made me laugh, that got my blood pressure up a bit and I started to feel better.   A few more amusing comments from him and I was sitting up.

He kept a hold of me and laughed me all the way back to the car.


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