Coyote Dawn

Car-man came back from his usual 4:00 a.m. coffee run and woke me up to tell me all about the coyote that had been hanging around our front yard. 

The ever-capable and totally unflappable Car-man calmly escorted (he was in the truck) the coyote back to the ravine, where it could find a way back to the wilderness, and hopefully, not further into the city. 

I was happy to hear that he’d taken care and not hurt the coyote, and I was happier than ever with our 6 foot brick fence and metal gate.  I knew it was good for keeping turtles on the lake side of the house, it had never occurred to me that the gate and fence also kept bigger animals out of the back yard.  Because, really, Tiger-dog should be free to pee in peace…

And, I don’t want to think about breaking up a dog vs coyote fight at 1:00 a.m, dressed in my pj’s.

Yeah, fences are good.



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