Well, that was unexpected

As I was parking my car at the grocery store (I always back in), I noticed a man was watching.

Once I was safely tucked in my spot, the man continued to his truck, which was next to mine and got in.

Walking along the row of parked cars, grocery bags tucked under my arm, I heard his truck move slowly up behind me.


I stopped and turned around.

He smiled at me, “Ma’am, that was a great parking job.  I’m impressed that you backed into that spot so easily.”

Well, now wasn’t I flattered!  I thanked the man, and explained that the back-up camera Car-man had installed 6 years ago, really made that possible.

He tipped his hat, then continued on his way. (Yes, he really did tip his hat).

I’ve been backing into parking spots for a long time, and this is my FIRST compliment from a stranger.  To that, I say ‘Thank you.’


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