Yeah, that was scary.

First – a BIG Thank you to the Taxi Driver that yelled at the man to get back into his car.  I don’t know who you are but you have my deepest thanks for your calm and repeated instructions.

Second – Thank you to Car-man for suggesting that I take the really responsive, nimble, turbo charged car with the automatic door locks.

Now, for the young male driver in the black SUV, I don’t know how you missed seeing the light change from green to yellow, to RED, but I didn’t, and I stopped because that’s the law, Red = Stop.   The other clue you missed, were the other cars around you stopping, including that big bright yellow Taxi, ahead of you on your right.

Clearly, you were caught unaware.  Clearly you were frightened, or even terrified of your pending crash into my vehicle.  However, because I was paying attention, that didn’t happen.

Your response of getting out of your SUV and gesticulating wildly while screaming every bad word in your vocabulary at me, was extreme and again, I thank the Taxi Driver for his calm and repeated instructions.  Thanks to him, you stopped and got back into your SUV.

You should thank that Taxi Driver as well, because he stopped you from becoming a person you would not have liked being.


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