Winter dip

In the pool.

Yup, you heard me – in the POOL!

No heater running, no sun to warm up the water, just an arctic like 49f (10c).

Thank you Tiger-dog.

She was out for a pee when something by the pool caught her eye…

I heard the splash and yelled, “SHE’S IN THE POOL!!”  to Car-man as I bolted through the door, took 3 or 4 running steps and jumped in.

There was no choice, no hesitating – She wasn’t at the surface and she wasn’t going to get up to it either.  I got under her and pushed her up and to the edge.

Car-man reached down and scooped her out.

She was a trembling blob of frozen dog, coughing up water.  “You OK?  I’m taking her inside…” He called as he rushed her back in.

I swam for the stairs, then stood trembling and dripping on the patio.   My 3 layers of winter ‘keep me warm’ clothes had absorbed so much water, I was leaking gallons into the stone. Again, no choice, I couldn’t carry this much water into the house, so off it all came and I stepped inside in my undies.

Car-man was busy toweling dry Tiger-dog but she was so shocked from the cold water that she couldn’t stand on her own.

“Can you wrap her up?” He asked, scooping her into his arms and settling into his chair.  I tucked her feather blanket around both of them, trapping in the heat from the blast furnace that I call Car-man.

I went to the bathroom to dry off and put on some clothes, and as I passed the mirror in there I spotted my brilliant red skin.  Wow, that’s probably why the house felt SO HOT, I thought, startled by the sight.  

Dry and dressed I checked with Car-man – he had done his magic!  Tiger-dog had stopped shivering, stopped shaking, stopped coughing, and settled into a general moaning ‘why does this happen to me?’ lament.

Relieved that she was no longer a frozen pup-sicle, I went back outside and unbent my almost frozen crunchy clothes, laid them across the pool chairs, and went back in, musing that Tiger-dog, as awesome as she is, sometimes makes really bad decisions.


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