Yes, that is a chicken.

ChickenCondoTiger-dog LOVES the chicken.

She’ll be out for 20 – 30 minutes, just watching it.

It seems so small from her perspective.

She watches it intently from her balcony, and dreams about it when she’s sleeping.

On the ground?  It’s a whole different animal – threatening and dangerous.

Tiger-dog gives it a wide berth, but only if she’s willing to step outside.

Generally, it’s a cautious deep sniff from the safety of the door, then a tentative step outside.  If she spots the chicken, it’s game over and she’s back inside.  No pee from her until the terrifying chicken is gone.

Where did the chicken come from?  I guess, it arrived on the flood waters two weekends ago, found dry land and stayed.  I’m happy it’s staying.  I’m not sure Tiger-dog is happy.


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