We have a habit – every weekend Car-man BBQ’s steaks.

He even has his own drawer for all his tools, a dedicated tray, a dedicated spot in the fridge for the BBQ sauce, and his favorite platter.

I can get steaks from the fridge to the BBQ in about 4 minutes; grab the tray, pull all the tools from the drawer, grab the sauce and steaks from the fridge and deliver it all to the BBQ, done!

We like our steaks slathered in about an inch of sauce, Car-man knows this.

He adds the sauce in the final few minutes of cooking, so it doesn’t burn.  His habit is to squirt the sauce on, dab it around with the brush, flip the steaks and repeat, until all the sides are covered in a thick coating.  He’s awesome!

The BBQ gets turned off, the dishes are all gathered up, and that BBQ brush with the sauce on it?  Well, that gets licked clean on the way into the house.

So goes our habit.

Remember that BBQ sauce in the fridge?  It has its own special spot.  Nothing else goes there…

… yet somehow, the Chocolate-Fudge Caramel Swirl Sauce ended up there.

I certainly didn’t notice when I pulled it from the fridge, the bottle looked the same; dark brown plastic.  Neither did Car-man; until he was walking back in with the dishes, and he lifted that brush to his tongue – then, all the bells and whistles went off!

At the dinner table, even Tiger-dog had to be convinced that the steak was edible; she reluctantly took an offering, spit it on the floor, then politely left to eat her ‘real food’.


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