Oh, Banana-man, you are amusing.

Banana-man flew in for his winter get-away.

“Hey, I’m at the Airport, sitting at Starbucks.”  He phoned Car-man and said.  I was so pleased that he’d used his cell phone and called.

We pull up, I hop out and head straight in…

… no Starbucks.

So I carefully check the ‘other’ coffee place – nothing.

I head downstairs to the luggage floor – nothing.  No coffee shop, no Banana-man.  Curious, I head back upstairs, and recheck the main floor.  Still nothing.  So, I stop a person and ask, “Do you know where the Starbucks is?”

“It’s in the other Terminal.”

“Thanks.”  And, I head back out to the car park, and tell Car-man.

Car-man shakes his head, “No, that can’t be right, he said he was in this Terminal, sitting at Starbucks.”

I suggest he go looking…

As it turns out, Banana-man WAS at this Terminal, and he WAS sitting at Starbucks – But on the Passengers-Only, side of Security.

Car-man banged on the super-thick, stop-a-tank, security glass to get his attention, but Banana-man didn’t hear.

Car-man waved like a crazy person, but Banana-man didn’t see.

Security did – and they promptly showed up at Car-man’s side, very serious, ready for trouble.  “Is there a problem, Sir?” They sternly asked.

“Yeah, see that old man with the hat on, sitting at Starbucks?  We’re here to pick him up.”  Just as Car-man explained that, Banana-man got tired of waiting, stood up, grabbed his walking stick, and headed back to the plane gates.

Car-man erupted into another frenzy of knocking and waving – totally unsuccessful.

The Security Staff said, “We’ll get him, you stay here.”   Car-man warned them, “He needs hearing aids, but refuses to wear them.”  Off they went.

It took a while; Banana-man could hear them calling, but ignored them because “they couldn’t possibly be yelling for me…”

It was an amusing start to his vacation; even the Security Staff were all smiles and chuckles as they slowly escorted him to Car-man.

“Sometimes, it’s good being old,” Banana-man said in the car on the way home, “People are so nice to you.”


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