Good People

We were all at the airport yesterday.  I was sitting in the ‘needs assistance’ area with Banana-man, when a lovely woman joined us.  We started chatting and enjoyed a few minutes of conversation before she and her husband, departed for their flight.

Soon, it was Banana-man’s turn, and away he went towards the gates and security – we hugged good-bye, and we left for the parking area.

On a glass-lined elevated walkway to the car park, we spotted Banana-man below us, just exiting from the total-body security pat down – without his suspenders.  Grasping his pants, he shuffled slowly forward and tried to collect his basket of x-rayed items, and his cane.

None of the Security Officers helped him.

However, the Husband of the Lovely Lady we’d sat with, did.

They’d already passed through security, and had kept an eye out for Banana-man.  The Husband walked back to hand him his cane, help him don his suspenders, and wish him well on his journey.

How can I thank you both?

It would be impossible to find you again and thank you personally, but I can remember your kindness and generosity, and  I can repay it by helping other people when I see the opportunity.

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One Response to “Good People”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How very thoughtful and generous that couple was by keeping an eye out for someone who obviously drew their concern and immediate attention. I have also found our ‘American cousins’ to be the friendliest and kindest people wherever it is that I have travelled to in their country. How wonderful it must have felt for you witnessing the care given to him by such a caring couple! Blessed indeed! AC

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