We were cycling along the creek the other day, in the late afternoon, when a HUGE buck darted out from the trees, bounded down the slope, leaped across the creek, and disappeared into the woods on the other side.

It was HUGE.

Our deer are normally the size of a medium dog, just taller.  This buck was the size of a great dane, and taller too!  Its rack was the size you see on the magazine cover of a hunting magazine.

We both stopped our bikes to watch it cross a few feet in front of us – OK, it startled us and we both hit the breaks hard, and then watched in silence, with mouths agape, as it crossed to the safety of the woods.

My thoughts were;  Wow!  How lucky are we to see that!!  Wow!  How does something that BIG live in our neighborhood?  It’s suburbia, with little tracks of ‘natural spaces’ for the frolicking of squirrels, possums, and raccoons, and the occasional box turtle.  And, lastly,  How does he not get his antlers caught up in the trees?

Image result for buck Picture from


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