I was at Walmart with Banana-man, ready to checkout.  I sent him off to get a coffee and wait while I went through the line.

I passed by the self-checkout because I don’t like them; the screens ask too many questions (coupon?, cash?, debit card?, etc.) the scanners deafen you with their screechy beeps, and the bagging weigh scale table nags and nags (put item in bag, take item out of bag, too many items in bag).

Luckily, a cashier waved me over, so I followed her to her till.  She helped me put everything on the conveyor belt, then walked away.

Really, far away; off to flag down another unsuspecting ‘guest’.

She’d taken me to a self-checkout till.  It was a cashier style till, but with a self scanner in place of where the cashier used to stand.

I was quite unhappy.

The flat of water I’d bought scanned without issue, but didn’t fit on the weigh-scale bagging spinning thingy, and the scanner wouldn’t accept another item until it was resolved.  I balanced the flat of water between the two skinny wire bag holders and continued to the second flat of water …

… because my cart had been emptied onto the conveyor belt by the deceptive, ever smiling, fake cashier.

I will not trust another cashier who waves me over.

Walmart will not see me again after Banana-man leaves.


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